Introduction to Stainless Steel Pipe for Power Plant Steam Condenser Use      [
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         Steam condenser is an important large-sized part of thermal power plant, quality of pipe is one of key factors of replacing condensers. Its reliability directly affects financial interest of power plant. They normally chose copper-nickel alloy, copper pipe and etc in former several years. Due to material strength, corrosion-proof and wearability, it not only affected operating life of equipment, but also waste big metal material greatly, hence power plants denied using of copper pipe, and use stainless steel for instead. 

        After running for a period of time, stainless steel condense pipe has better diathermancy compare to brass pipe, running at full load in vacuum condition coincides with design data, thus shows better transcalent ability under longer running condition comparatively. It adopts normal tube expand technique, which provides convenience and fine quality. Through water quality inspection of condensed water, no leakage and vibration proof scale is found, it prolongs operation longevity and reduces cleaning cycles, and is best choice of setting up new unit or old unit's improvement.

        Since the first condenser stainless steel pipe was developed, we successively provided over 60 sets of high-effective energy-saving stainless steel pipemakings for Ha Er Bin Steam Turbine Factory,    Sichuan Oriental Steam Turbine Factory, Nanjing Steam Turbine Factory and relevant power plant per ASTM A249 production criteria.

Company are also willing to produce other stainless steel by using 304, 316L material or per GB/T12771-2000 production criteria or technical agreement.


Introduction to Stainless Steel Pipe for Automotive Muffler and Exhaust System         [ Search ] 

        With China's entry to WTO, deepening process of globalization, day-to-day furious competition in automotive industry, unification of individuality and perfectness becomes a perpetual pursuit. Since the company developed stainless steel pipe for automotive muffler and exhaust system use, due to using specialized material 409L(00Cr12Ti), which is added in metal element Ti, therefore it has better high temperature wearability and strength, which makes it an ideal substitute for automotive muffler and exhaust system. Hence it is exported to USA, Japan, Indonesia and etc.

        Company can produce stainless steel pipe in material 304, 316L, 439 and etc upon client¡'s request.

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