the tube of solder should press a steel pipe for checking before acceptance, each one from together the number of furnace , same specification is institutional with same hot reason to constitute.

It is various to examine of take the kind quantity press table 6 of provision!

smelt refine analysis
Pull to stretch to experiment
The degree of hardness experiments
Anti face the exhibition even experiment
Crush flat to experiment
The of expand experiments
The water pressure experiments

The whorl flows to explore the wound
The outside path, wall is thick with the length
Surface quantity
Take the kind quantity with the position
A per the number of furnace ( can adopt the original material quality protect the book)
Do every batch each 50 roots,
Two roots per batch

Each460M, a
Take every batch, in the both ends each do a
Take every batch, in the both ends each do a
The root of expel
All long
The root of expel
The root of expel
Experiment the method
HG20537 4.6.2
The cowgirl amount of accuracy has
Eyes measure

The solder takes care of of reply to check to press GB2102 with provision that judge

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